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Be sure to read ALL policies before booking!

This page includes how to prepare for your appointment, how to book correctly, and other important information - thoroughly reading it all is required and will make things easier on both of us.

Please contact me with any questions!

IMPORTANT: If booking for a special event (wedding, baby shower, vacation etc.) please contact me before booking. I suggest at least 1-2 WEEKS before your event as a trial run


Minimum age requirement for any service is 18 years of age - I do not service minors, even with parent consent


Due to the relaxing nature, long length of appointments, covid-19 restrictions, and salon policy, there will be NO extra guests allowed - this includes children


You may pay in cash, swipe a physical card on hand, or go contactless by using the card you provided on file or by tapping your phone to use Apple Pay/Google Pay - these are the ONLY payment methods accepted.

NO venmo, zelle, cash app, etc. is accepted

(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are all accepted with a 3.5% fee)


Anyone who has the following should NOT get eyelash extensions:​

  • Currently 30+ weeks pregnant

  • Have been diagnosed with blepharitis

  • Gone through chemotherapy in the last year

  • Have Alopecia

  • Taken Isotretinoin (Accutane) in the last year

  • Have extremely weak, brittle, or fragile lashes

  • Severe eye sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis, etc. near eyes

  • Recently had natural eyelashes lifted / permed - must wait at least a month after a lift to get extensions

  • Currently have any type of eye infection or irritation

  • Prone to eye infections or irritation

  • Recently had eye surgery

  • Had tattooed eye makeup procedure performed in the last month

  • Cannot keep eyes closed or lay on your back for hours at a time

  • Skin/hair picking disorders

Anyone who has the following may still be suitable for eyelash extensions, but should keep in mind that they will probably need fills more often (every 1-2 weeks):

  • Medical conditions that affect hair/eyelash growth (diabetes, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, etc.)

  • Taking medications known to cause possible hair loss/thinning of hair or affect hormones

  • Currently pregnant (under 30 weeks), breastfeeding, or gave birth in the past 6 months

  • Allergies that cause the eyes to excessively itch/water

  • Taking vitamins with biotin/hair growth supplements (hair will grow & shed faster)

  • Will not follow after care

  • Regularly sleep rough on your face

Please be prepared to let me know if any of these apply to you at your appointment so I can go over them with you in more detail and so we can both be on the same page. Contact me beforehand with any questions!


I provide complimentary consultations for all new clients!

Providing a reference photo is not required, but it is encouraged - this will cut consultation time down and ensure we are both on the same page

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions before your appointment!


Pre-booking your fill appointments is extremely important! There will be a fee for emergency appointments or for hours I do not regularly work. Squeeze in appointments are up to my discretion and I have the right to deny any day or time that does not work for me


When booking, a valid credit or debit card is required to be kept on file - it will be held in the system in case of cancellations or no shows (see cancellation / tardiness policies below) - you may use that card as your form of payment after your service, but you do not have to pay with that card and it will not be charged automatically except for the case of no show fees.


All clients will be required to fill out forms at their first appointment


  • Be aware of aftercare before you commit to extensions! It is extremely important to follow aftercare to prevent infection and keep them looking their best

  • You must arrive with a clean face

    • No eye makeup​ - lashes must be squeaky clean!

  • Squeaky clean lashes​ are important - this means a quick makeup wipe will not do the trick. Thoroughly wet your lashes, use makeup remover, then wash your eyes / face

    • If any eye makeup, strip lash glue residue, or gunk is in lashes ​when arriving you will be charged a $10 deep cleaning fee

    • If you show up with infected eyes, you will be denied service and prompted to see a doctor at your own expense

  • Do not use an eyelash curler before your appointment

  • NO contacts may be in during your appointment - wearing contacts during application can cause severe burning/irritation. Bring glasses if needed

  • NO caffeine the day of your appointment - this can cause eyelids to flutter and a restless body - this will make application harder

  • Be aware of & be prepared to stay for the entire length of your appointment - it will take that long! Times are listed next to each service when booking

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes early is highly recommended


  • When arriving, please take a seat in the waiting room. I will come and grab you when I’m ready for you! Please be ready and waiting in the waiting room before your appointment time so we can promptly start

  • I will ask you to use the restroom upon arrival - if you have extra time and are waiting, please use the time to go. This ensures you will be good to go for the duration of your appointment. You may not open your eyes during your service


  • This is your time to relax - you will NOT be allowed to open your eyes during application

  • You will be laying flat on your back for the duration of your appointment

  • You will be asked to use the restroom upon arrival to ensure you are good to go for the duration of the appointment

  • SILENCE your cell phone - you will not be able to check it/talk on it for the duration of your appointment

  • It's okay to fall asleep! I will have music playing, but feel free to bring your own headphones


MINI FILL - 4-10 days after last application AND must have 60% of lash extensions remaining - anything less than or after that and you will be charged accordingly (standard fill, extended fill, or full set depending on how many lashes are left)

STANDARD FILL - 11-17 days after last application AND must have 50% of lash extensions remaining - anything less than or after that and you will be charged accordingly (extended fill or full set depending on how many lashes are left)

EXTENDED FILL - 18-24 days after last application AND must have 40% of lash extensions remaining - anything less than or after that and you will be charged for a full set

I do not fill anything past 24 days - they will be too grown out. During fills, the outgrown lashes are removed - you would have mainly grown out lashes left and they would need to be removed. This brings you back to square one and you would then need a new full set 

I do not fill singed / burnt lashes due to excessive heat damage (getting too close to the oven or stove top, using a lighter, hot blow dryer, etc.) - if the extensions are damaged they will clump together and it will be out of my hands. You will need a removal and a new full set

I do not fill excessively dirty or makeup caked lashes - once they are too dirty, the build up will not come off - you will need a removal and a new full set


If you have lashes on from another artist and are interested in a foreign fill, you must contact me first. I will ask some questions and require pictures before booking - I will let you know if you qualify for a foreign fill or if you will need a removal & a new full set

If lashes are clumpy, stuck together, not applied properly, too grown out, too heavy for your natural lashes, etc. you will not qualify & will need to book a removal and new full set

If you have lashes you need removed, you must book a removal service on top of your appointment so there is enough time allotted

If you do qualify for a foreign fill, you must understand that I do not know exactly what lengths or diameters your previous artist used. I will be using my best judgement to match the work!

Important: If you did not like the style or length your previous artist did, I most likely cannot completely change that in one fill session without a removal - keep in mind I am adding to the set, not completely changing it. After you come back for a few fills those old lashes will be grown out, removed, and we can get your set to exactly what you'd like it to be. If you do not want to wait, a removal and new full set will be necessary


Want something different at your next fill? Just let me know!

All of my full sets and fills are priced the same so you can change your look at any time at no additional cost.


Cancellations or reschedules must be made a full 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or you will be charged for 50% of your booked service


NO refunds will be provided - if you are unsatisfied with your set please let me know ASAP and we can work something out


I provide a free lash fix service for any premature fall out or problems within the first 3 days

You must message me about the problem ASAP - anything past the initial 3 days will be charged accordingly


Arriving on time is crucial - if you are running late you must contact me!

If I have a 15 minute grace period. If you are 15+ minutes late, you may be considered a no show & charged for 50% of your booked service

If I do have time to take you late, a $20 late fee will be applied

No shows and cancellations or reschedules within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged 50% of your booked service


If your card does not go through when I enforce my policies, you must pay the remaining balance before booking your next appointment

No showing twice or constantly being late will result in you being banned from booking in the future. Please respect my time and I will respect yours!


I provide a loyalty card upon your first visit! There are 12 spots with a reward at both the 6th and 12th spots


  • if you want a spot initialed, you MUST have your loyalty card with you. If you do not have it with you, you will miss out on an initial from that visit. I will not initial old spots from past visits

  • Keep your card safe! If you lose your card, you lose those initials and must start over on a blank card


Refer a friend and you both get a $15 gift card! They will get $15 towards their first visit and you will get $15 towards your next visit. It's a win-win!


  • For every person you refer, you get ONE $15 credit. You get a credit only once per referral upon their first visit

  • The credit is only valid once they have attend their appointment. Your referral must come in BEFORE your credit is valid. Your referral must have physically attended their appointment in order for your credit to be valid!

  • You may refer multiple people and allow your credits to stack up, but you may only use ONE $15 credit per visit


Leave an honest & detailed 5 star review on Google and get $10 off your next visit! Must mention it / show proof of review at time of appointment. Valid only one time per person.

Click here to leave a review

All policies and prices are subject to change at any time.

All product / service purchases are final - no refunds or exchanges.

Booking an appointment means you acknowledge and agree to all policies and aftercare.

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