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Aftercare is not an optional recommendation,

it is a requirement

Properly cleansing and caring for your eyelash extensions is extremely important to achieve good retention and prevent infection. Not following aftercare will result in needing fills more often or even a trip to the doctor to fight an infection - the better you take care of them, the longer they will last!



Avoid excessively itching, rubbing, picking at, or playing with lashes.

Rubbing, picking, or pulling can result in ripping natural lashes out and premature fallout. Pulling out natural lashes can result in permanent damage to the follicle. The less you touch them, the longer they will last!


Sleeping rough on your face will result in natural lashes being ripped out and/or premature fallout.

If you know you roll around in your sleep, consider purchasing a silk/satin pillowcase. Lash extensions snag on cotton - extensions will glide better over satin/silk pillowcases.

Buying a satin/silk sleeping mask is also a good option!


Washing your extensions at least once a day is extremely important to properly maintain them, prolong the life of them, and to prevent infection. Read "how to wash lashes" section below


This means NO Q-Tips, NO makeup wipes, NO cotton pads, and using an extension safe

towel near eyes (ex: the makeup eraser cloth)

Lint from these products will snag which can rip extensions out and/or leave fuzzies on your lash line which are nearly impossible to remove yourself, which will result in discomfort


High heat can cause lash extensions to lose their curl and become singed/burnt.

This means being cautious in high heat situations such as extremely hot showers, saunas, hot blow dryers, open flames (the stove, oven, using a lighter) etc.


Eyelash extension adhesive is a professional grade glue - it will not come off easily. Picking at them will result in natural lashes being ripped out. Ripping them out will result breakage and can lead to permanent damage to the follicle. If your natural lashes are damaged, you may not be able to get extensions until they grow back and are healthy.

In order to safely remove lash extensions, I use a professional grade remover. The process is painless and takes around 20 minutes!


Washing your lashes with an approved extension safe cleanser is a MUST to keep them clean and prevent infection. The lash shampoo should be oil free, fragrance free, and designed specifically for eyelash extensions. A brush should be used with the lash wash to get through to all layers - just rubbing the top layer with your fingers will not be enough to thoroughly cleanse them. An extension safe cloth/towel should be used to pat them dry. NO cotton/lint products should be used to dry lashes - extensions can snag which may rip extensions/natural lashes out.


I sell aftercare kits and high quality lash shampoo at the salon!

Lashes should be washed at least once daily. Not washing your lashes can result in serious infections including lash mites, blepharitis, styes, etc. Infected eyes cannot be lashed. If you come in with infected eyes, I will deny service and prompt you to see a doctor at your own expense.

"But won't my lashes fall out faster if I get them wet?"

No, wetting your lashes will NOT result in bad retention! In fact, it is the complete opposite.

Throughout the day, dirt, debris, sweat, etc. naturally pile onto our lash line. If not cleaned, this buildup can ruin the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash and lead to serious infection. Both of these will result in poor retention. Keeping them squeaky clean is crucial!

It is normal to lose a few lashes when washing. On average, each person loses 1-5 natural lashes each day. Eyelashes shed just like the hair on our head. If they fall out while washing, don't worry - this just means it was their time to go!

Steps to washing your lashes:

1. Dispense 1-2 pumps of foaming cleanser onto eyelid or brush

2. Using a soft lash wash brush, gently cleanse in a circular motion, being sure to thoroughly get the eyelid, all layers of lashes, the lash line, and under eye area

3. Rinse thoroughly with water

4. Gently PAT dry (do not rub) with an extension safe cloth

5. Fully dry your lashes while gently brushing them with a spoolie/lash wand - if you have classics, you may let them air dry

For hybrid or volume lashes, I suggest blow drying them on the COOL setting or purchasing a small fan. If you let hybrid or volume lashes air dry, the fans will not properly open back up. This results in your lash extensions not looking as full as they once did.


*Be sure to double cleanse if there is excessive build up or if lashes have not been washed in a few days


1. If wearing makeup, be sure to wet your eye area and gently rub to soften/loosen the makeup

2. Use an OIL FREE makeup remover and an extension safe cloth to remove as much makeup as possible

3. Wash as normal, being sure to double cleanse (wash them twice) - this will ensure there is no makeup, build up, or makeup remover residue remaining

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