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meet your artist

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My name is Alexa Fullerton and I'm a multi-certified and award-winning Lash Artist! I pride myself in ensuring a safe and healthy application. This means proper individual application using safe weights and lengths for your individual eyelashes!


I am heavily trained in Lash Theory which means that I know how to give you the best set of lashes possible based off of your personal features - everyone has a unique eye shape, face shape, eye tilt, and natural lash lengths and strengths, which means every set has to be unique!

Inclusivity is a top priority, therefore offer an extremely wide variety of products to cater to everyone's unique features. I also offer colored extensions and lash charms for some added flair.


When visiting me, relaxation will also be a top priority - I know all too well that being comfortable during application is important. With that being said, I have an extra soft & cushioned lash bed which allows you to fully relax and even fall asleep!


I am in my own private studio which ensures total relaxation and minimal distractions. This means no laying next to strangers and an appointment tailored directly towards you.

I strive to be the best that I can every day and look forward to providing you high quality eyelash extensions that you will love!


What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

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