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lsh xtss


I specialize in wispy, textured, and strip lash looks.

The sets listed below are some of my most popular sets - they are simply for reference!


Each set will be fully customized to YOU - your eye shape, facial shape, natural lashes, and personal preferences.

Every style falls under the same price range - this means no surprise upcharges based off of fullness or style.


The possibilities are endless!

Fll Set - $185 | 2 hours and 45 minutes

Want eyelash extensions and currently have bare natural lashes? A full set is for you! This service includes a full set of lashes, ANY style or fullness!

Feg Fll - $125 | 2 hours

Have eyelash extensions on from another salon? A foreign fill may be for you!

Please contact me to book a foreign fill.

If you are unhappy with your current extensions, they are hurting, pulling or are clumped together, they cannot be filled. Please book a removal and a full set!

Stndrd Fll - $95 | 1 hour and 30 minutes

Your standard maintenance fill every 2-3.5 weeks


Mn Fll - $65 | 1 hour

Have an event coming up and need a quick touch up? A mini fill is for you!



This set mimics a very natural mascara look. This set will only be as full as your natural lashes!

Recommended for clients with full natural lashes.

Not recommended for clients with

sparse lashes or gaps



Another great in between set! This set is similar to a mascara set, but a little thicker

This set will only be as full as your natural lashes

Great for first time clients who want a little more than a mascara look but not a lot of fullness


A great in between set!

This set will give you a little bit of fluff and fullness while still being light and airy



Great for everyone! Whether you choose to keep it more natural or more dramatic, this set will give you fullness

This method consists of applying all handmade volume fans and spikes


g v

Like your lashes dark, bold, and full? Mega volume is for you!

A mega volume set gives you a very full and dramatic look


This method consists of applying all handmade mega volume fans using the lightest weight extensions


srp ls

Want to mimic your favorite strip lash?

This set is for you!

This set is spikey, fun, and fully customizable!


crd ss

The possibilities are endless!

I offer a wide variety of color options, including neon UV-reactive lashes

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