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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your everyday look and save SO much time in the morning!

Proper eyelash extensions are applied individually - this means ONE extension to ONE natural lash. No cluster lashes around here!

Why Is Individual Application

Individual application prevents damage. Proper individual application allows each natural lash to grow and shed like it is meant to!

On average, each person loses 1-5 natural lashes a day. If your natural lashes are clumped and glued together (cluster lashes), this will cause pain, pulling, irritation, and possible permanent damage to your follicles. This constant pulling can result in traction alopecia, which means your natural lashes may never grow back - gasp!

Individual application is the ONLY way to ensure a healthy application. Proper application requires time, patience, and precision.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Say NO to clusters!


About Me

I pride myself in ensuring a safe and healthy application. This means proper individual application using safe weights and lengths for your individual eyelashes!

My name is Alexa Fullerton and I'm a certified Lash Artist! My studio is a safe and sanitary space for all. I have been certified 4 times by The Lash Professional, Paris Lash Academy, and Sugarlash Pro Academy, and Lash Secrets Academy. I am also Covid-19 Barbicide and regular Barbicide certified to ensure sanitary conditions at all times. I specialize in providing a safe and healthy application while giving you the lashes of your dreams!

I am trained in Lash Theory which means that I know how to give you the best set of lashes possible based off of your personal features - everyone has a unique eye shape, face shape, eye tilt, and natural lash lengths and strengths, which means every set has to be unique!

Inclusivity is a top priority, therefore offer an extremely wide variety of products to cater to everyone's unique features. I also offer colored extensions and lash charms for some added flair.


When visiting me, relaxation will also be a top priority - I know all too well that being comfortable during application is important. With that being said, I have an extra soft & cushioned lash bed which allows you to fully relax and even fall asleep!


I am in my own private studio which ensures total relaxation and minimal distractions. This means no laying next to strangers and an appointment tailored directly towards you

I strive to be the best that I can every day and look forward to providing you high quality eyelash extensions that you will love!


What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

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